Elite Consulting, Inc.

Elite Consulting specializes in outsourced sales and marketing.  Our major clientele is Fortune 500 companies on a national scale.  In today’s economy our clients’ focus is to look for more lucrative ways to expand their current market share.  Current marketing techniques are not appealing to the instant gratification lifestyle that our nation has now adopted.  With the assistance of our new strategy, our clients are giving the customer a more thorough approach to their individualistic needs.  By focusing on the quality of each customer, this creates a customer loyalty that will create a lasting impression.  What we provide is a brand loyalty base in an area which will yield exponential growth for our clients.

Here at Elite Consulting, we believe it is our duty to be a positive influence in the community and be a voice for people who cannot speak for themselves.  There are various charity events that we are consistently involved in:

Operation Smile is a charity involved in deformities of child birth in emerging and impoverished countries.  They specialize in the reconstructive surgeries for cleft palates and cleft lips in those communities.   The surgery costs approximately $250 to change the course of that child’s life.  Our current goal is to fund 15 surgeries over the course of this next year.
Our most recent event for Operation Smile was an office flag football tournament where we organized a tournament with the community and other offices in the New England area. We were able to raise over $800!  The next event is currently be organized and the goal is to surpass $1000.

The mission of Special Olympics is to provide sports training and athletic competition in a variety of sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities. This gives them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness and participate in a sharing of skills with other athletes and the community.  Every spring, our CEO, Bryan Powlen, volunteers in a clinic for Special Olympics track and field athletes to learn how to compete in each event.  Our goal is to participate and assist in basketball, track and field, baseball, and golf throughout the course of next year.

Adopt-A-Family anonymously matches donors with low income families and the goal is to provide them with gifts for Christmas.  Typically, we raise money during the holidays through donations that we will use to purchase gifts off a wish list. Last year, we were able to raise $2000 for a local family and hope to match that this year!